Features of our screen doors

  • Built from hardwood, which makes them solid
  • Optional Cedar for matching Cedar siding and decks
  • Thick enough to accept a full sized passage set (passage sets are what we call all the interior door knobs in your house). This means that you have more options than just screen door latchsets.
  • Screen is black which means that it disappears from ten feet away and that it doesn’t obscure the nice entry door behind it
  • Screen is made from Aluminum, which is much tougher than plastic screen
  • Glass is true glass not acrylic sheet (plastic); this means that it doesn’t yellow, doesn’t creak in the wind, won’t scratch, and gives a clear view
  • Some doors are available with the screen attached directly to the door while others have the screen attached to a removable frame to allow glass to be installed for the winter
  • The big difference between our doors and the others is that our removable screen frames and our removable glass frames are wood, not Aluminum or Vinyl. This means that the screen can be stretched taught; the frame won’t permanently bend if the screen is accidently pushed too hard; and the glass is well protected and supported with a substantial wooden frame. Also, when the glass frames are being stored in, say a garage, they are much less vulnerable to damage with a wooden frame around them.
  • Backed by service directly from wooden screen door experts with 25 years of experience. We will:
    • Answer all the questions you may have
    • Help you choose the right door,
    • Solve any issues with your house’s doorframe, modify it if necessary or make
      additional parts
    • Paint the door in any colour of your choice
    • Measure for and install the door
    • Arrange for delivery

Entry doors

We produce doors for two applications:

  1. New construction, which would include the door,
    frame, weatherstrip, sometimes sidelites and
    transom lites, finishing, and sometimes
  2. Replacement doors for older homes. Usually this
    includes the door, upgraded weatherstrip for the
    existing frame, finishing and installation.

For new construction, features and benefits are:

  • Warm, natural wood
  • Top quality weatherstrip
  • Oversized doors are available, which make a big impression on the front of a new home. Widths up to 42 inches, heights up to 92 inches and thicknesses up to 2 ¼ inches.
  • A variety of wood species is available.
  • A wide variety of stains is available.
  • We can supply Emtek hardware, go to to see the wide selection of handles and locks.
  • Installation is available.
  • Sidelites and transoms lites are available.
  • Special glass is available.
  • Hand built by a single doormaker.
  • Door designs are only limited to your imagination.
  • Wood is a natural insulator.
  • Matching screen doors are available.
  • We can work from your designer’s drawings.

Replacement doors

These would usually be doors for older homes. If the frame on the house is in good condition then it is only necessary to build a new door of the customer’s choice and mount it on the existing frame. The advantage of this is that the site work takes less than a day; it does not require dusty, dirty removal of the old frame; it does not require the painting of new trims and mouldings; and, especially in a century home, the classic old mouldings around the door can be retained. We can also design a door that is in keeping with the era of the house – Victorian homes CAN have Victorian doors.

Sometimes the situation requires a new frame, and just as in new construction we can provide the whole door system with door, frame, weatherstrip, and finishes, ready to install. Same features and benefits as the doors for new construction.