Can we get a glass insert for the winter?

Yes, (with the exception of the doors with fixed screen). With our system, you remove the screens in the fall and install the glass for the winter. Our storm inserts are different from our competitors in that we use a strong wooden frame around our glass, not vinyl trim.

Can we hang a screen and glass door in front of a steel or fiberglass entry door?

Yes. The concern once was that the entry door would overheat in the sunlight when an Aluminum screen door had the glass closed in the summer. With our doors, the glass will only be in place during the winter when the sun is weaker and, of course, the temperatures are lower.

Can you design a screen door to match our entry door?

Yes, we will often move a bar or rail to make a better pairing. We can also custom design a door if we have a picture and dimensions of the entry door?

Can you ship our door?

Yes, we use a smaller courier who will delivers directly from our door to your door anywhere in the Peterborough to Cobourg to Oakville triangle. Rates vary with distance but usually fall in the $55.00 to $100 range. For cottage country, contact us to discuss.

Our door frame is an odd size, can you make us a door to fit it?

Yes, the majority of the screen doors we make are made to our customers’ exact size requirements.

Should we weatherstrip our storm door?

We don’t generally recommend this. Weatherstripping is to prevent air infiltration and for several reasons the main barrier for that should be your entry door. Should your storm door seal tighter than your entry door you will get condensation between the two doors and this won’t be good for either door. Your storm door will capture an adequate air blanket between the doors without weatherstrip.

What finish should we apply to our door?

You may apply any outdoor finish you prefer; however some finishes will not last long in an exposed location. See “Mintlaw’s Helpful Hints on Finishing”. Your door is made of well-sanded, kiln-dried wood and is ready for finishing when you receive it. Whether you hang it first or not, you must not let it be exposed to water before finishing.

What hardware should we install?

You are free to install any hardware in any configuration you prefer – our doors will handle it. Your door can be free swinging or self closing, locking or not, cottagey or formal. Refer to our “Hardware Options” section for some ideas.

What thickness do you make your doors?

We usually make our doors 1 3/8 inches thick, but can make them 1 ¼ if your door frame requires it. For other thicknesses, please call us.

Will you apply the finish for us?

We can apply any finish you request, refer to the “Options” section of the price list for pricing.

Will you install our door?

Yes, within a 50 Kilometer radius of Peterborough we will measure and install it. Additional costs for this range from $180.00 to $300.00 depending on your location. If you are willing to wait until we are travelling to the Toronto area we can also measure and install your door; call us to discuss this. This is also true for cottage country; again, call us to discuss this.

Will you measure for our door?

If you would like us to install it we will measure for it. Otherwise, we recommend that whoever is installing the door also measures it.