Screen Door Specifications

  • Thickness is 1 3/8 inches with 1 1/4 and 1 1/8 inches available by request
  • There are no standard sizes. Our experience has been that screen openings for screen doors never come in standard sizes, so we custom design your door to whatever opening size is submitted. There are however some limitations, our standard RANGES are:
    • widths from 30 to 38 inches
    • heights from 78 to 86 inches

    Outside of these ranges please call for a quote.

  • Removable wooden frames are 1 ¾ by ¾ inches.
  • Stiles (the vertical side pieces) are 4 ½ inches wide unless otherwise requested.
  • Screen is held around its perimeter in a slot with rubber spline and covered with “half round” moulding.
  • All glass is 3 mm. tempered
  • Bars in the AC line of doors are ¾ by ¾ inches
  • Wood is kiln dried select hardwood, no pitch is present and knots are limited to four per door and less than the size of a quarter.
  • Doors are considered to be paint grade unless otherwise specified. Call to discuss.
  • Warp or twist is less than ¼ inch, measured from a taught string stretched from highest point to highest point.
  • Only continuous solid lengths of wood are used (no finger joints). Some parts of the doors may be edge glued to achieve the required widths.
  • Doors are sanded to120 grit, ready for painting.
  • When we paint the door we apply one coat of primer and two coats of colour coat.
  • Brackets (gingerbread or corner decorations) are cut from ½ inch exterior plywood unless a stain grade door is requested.
  • Joinery is mortise and tenon, reinforced with dowels